UFO Sighting in Coconut Creek, Florida on June 14th 2016 – Witnessed what i first believed to be a meteor. It had a very orange glow halo like. it moved steady from south to north with no sound

I was returning in from walking my dog, when I noticed a bright orange glow in the sky appearing from the south. I first thought it was a meteor. It continued to travel from south to north. the color was unlike anything I have ever seen in the sky. No flashing wing lights just an orange glow with a faint halo around it. after observing for about 30 seconds looking for flashing lights or a change of color and not seeing that, I dragged the dog inside and yelled for my wife, she came outside and was able to observe it as it continued north, she had her phone and I took it handing her the dog and ran out to snap some pictures. I took about 4 pictures it was quit some distance at that point. I will post the best picture I have. Not sure what this was but it was unlike anything I have ever seen.

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