UFO Sighting in Pleasant Hill, Illinois on June 14th 2016 – Going east from the west. Did da 90 degree and then went south. Then did another 90 and went west.

1. Outside in front of our house looking for a neighbors cow.

2. At first it looked like an aircraft and glowing from the setting sun. It was traveling faster than any known aircraft.

3. After noticing it, I knew it was an UFO because I have seen them before.

4. Object was round and glowing. It was moving 10 times faster than any aircraft we have. It was making 90 degree turns at that speed.

5. Feelings were normal as I have witnessed these before.
Reactions were normal due to past experiences.
After witnessing this siting, I came in the house and told my wife.
I have not seen one since 1968!!

6. The object traveled out of eye site within a few seconds.

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