UFO Sighting in Brandon, Manitoba on June 16th 2016 – Was watching stars and saw 2 white lights flying. Thought they were planes at first but to slow for planes. Moved from side to side and able tp stop then go again

I was watching the stars when suddenly I saw 2 lights flying in the night sky. At first I thought them to be planes but there were no flashing lights as usual planes had as well as they were flying too slow for planes. As I watched I noticed they would dart from side to side very suddenly, sometimes even stopping in mid air then going again and even shooting ahead a few feet then slowing right down. Also they were able to turn at a perfect 90�� turn suddenly. I tried to get video on my phone but it would not record. Eventually they just flew out of sight and I came inside. But I was perfectly calm and at the same time excited.

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