UFO Sighting in Imperial, Missouri on June 15th 2016 – Observered several starlike objects moving across the sky!

My son age 35 was taking his nightly bike ride, while looking up at an airplane, he noticed lights moving across the sky. He came running inside and told me and his grandma that he just saw 2 moving stars, come and look!! So his grandma and I went outside and looked up into the sky where he had spotted them. To my amazement, there wasn’t just 2 moving stars. Over a 30 minute period, the 3 of us watched 5 moving star-like objects move across the night sky. After several minutes had gone by some of them flew out of our field of vision, others just blinked out. These were clearly not airplanes or helicopters. They had multiple lights in a spherical shape. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen unidentified flying objects in our area. We were all 3 amazed at our sightings tonight, and discussed it at great length. We are convinced that, we are not alone!

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