UFO Sighting in Charlottesville, Virginia on June 16th 2016 – Appeared in front of approaching storm cloud in NW. Went at high speed miles NE. Stopped. Hovered. High speed departure North to horizon out of sight.

I went out to take pictures of approaching storm at 8:02. Pictures dated 6/16/16 8:03pm. A mostly red, slightly orange light, slightly blinking, appeared about NW of my location in front of the approaching storm clouds. I thought it was an approaching airplane as we have an airport to the north. It, rather abruptly, shot off to my right to the NE until it was about directly north. That took about 2 seconds. Then it paused/hovered for a second or two and took off rapidly to the north and was gone in about 5 seconds.
I, unfortunately, did not get a picture or video of it. By the time I thought I should photograph it, it was gone. All I have is 2 photos of the approaching storm taken with an 8 MP phone camera.
Is it possible that someone with a powerful laser was shining it on the cloud surface to play with the public?

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