UFO Sighting in Rochester, Pennsylvania on June 14th 2016 – White UFO appeared to be shapeshifting or morphing/rotating and changing shape.

After dinner my husband was in the backyard playing with the dog. He yells: I see a UFO, I see a UFO. I come outside but it had gone behind the big trees behind our house. We waited a 2-3 minutes and then we could see again. It was white cigar shape, with left end round and the right end triangle shape ( like a q-tip but bigger ends) It was horizontal. Going straight really slow, then stop and hover for a couple minutes, then move again, hover etc.. It appeared to be shapeshifting or morphing and changing shapes. It would appear round, then elongated, the like a triangle. A large jumbo jet flew by the UFO and it appeared slightly bigger than a jet, but i dont know if its because it was closer than the plane, therefore it looked bigger. At one point the triangle shape to the right moved away from the object (maybe 100-200 ft) and disappeared. It was too far away to guess the actual size but it appeared big at least 100 ft long. It looked too big to be a drone or helium balloons. Its weird shapeshifting ruled out it being a blimp. It was a windy day but stayed stationary when it stopped to hover.
It was solid white and changing shape either from rotating and showing different sides or actual morphing. It hard to explain the shape. The sun was behind me and it was not reflecting sunlight on the surface. If I held my arm straight out and compared it to my thumb. It was about 1 inch long using my thumb as a reference. As wide as my thumb. My husband got the binoculars but the UFO was too faraway and a little blurry from the morphing changing shapes to make out more details. No lights. Was heading south toward the Ohio River and Pittsburgh, PA. I watch it for about 10 minutes until it moved south and my view was obscured by more big trees. I live about 10 blocks 1 mile from the confluence of the Ohio River and Beaver River. Another time, we were walking the dog near a small sandy beach on the Ohio River and a big orange glowing soccor ball size meteor or UFO flew over our heads and went in the river. I keep looking outside for it in case it comes back.

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