UFO Sighting in Ashford, West Virginia on November 28th 2015 – three very bright lights converging. elasped time was no more than 1 second

I was at the location and time as stated above. Its not unusual for me to be outside looking up gazing at the stare with 7×50 binocs. I had just came out on the porch and was turning around to get N. I did not have the binocs in use. I noticed a very bight object moving at a high rate of speed, there were no sounds. While tracking this object S. another object was coming from S and behaving like the other one. I was certain there was going to be a collision but they stopped instantly. While I was trying to process this there was the third one.In the formation. I do not know where this one came from. As soon as all 3 were stationary they were gone heading W. All of this happened in no more than 1 second.

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