UFO Sighting in Loveland, Colorado on June 19th 2016 – 3 witnessed object fly, flame and sparks came out of bottom then stopped. pulsation went dark, object descended then we saw impact flash. Went looking could not find at night or in approx area.

I was outside approx 9:30p.m. checking my sprinklers. Looked up to NEED and bright orange-red pulsating object was flying directly towards me at approx 90748158300-1000′ alt. Observed object with some sort of coronal ejection of bright colored lights out of bottom of orb. My first thought was it appeared to be in distress. The orb was ejecting lightning like light from bottom of orb. And it appeared to be slowing. At approx 1000′ from my position I could see the orb flashing internal lights of yellow and white that appeared to be almost like fire. I could hear no sounds from orb. Then orb went from pulsation to flickering orange-red light until orb went black. There is a full moon tonight which backlit the shape of the craft. When it was descending we could see clearly the outline and that it had been changing direction and hovering. Approx size estimates 200-300′ craft shaped possible round or square. Approx distance of landing site up to 1 mile away. We witnessed the craft descend between the house across the street and their tree. When it reached the top of the tree behind them we lost sight. Approx 1second afterwards we witnessed impact flash. We went looking for craft since I know approx location of impact due to hunting in area. However, we were unable to locate any evidence of landing or possible crash due to night and vast rural areas and adjacent to foothills.

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