UFO Sighting in North Adams, Massachusetts on June 19th 2016 – 4 Satellite-like different colored lights moving away from the same point. Two went one direction, one went one direction, one went another direction but then changed path to other join other lone one.

I had just driven two hours from ct. I had jut pulled into my driveway in the berkshires, and got out of my car and looked up. I had noticed a lot of fireflies on my drive so maybe I was looking up to see if we had any near my own home. I then noticed these very subtly colored lights kind of clustered together but moving apart. There were four and most of them were bluish and one orangey and they were all moving very steadily like how satellites move. Now I have been camping many times and have seen satellites cross the sky. I was surprised that there were four. And I kept staring to try and decide if they really were colored and it wasn’t just becauseI had been driving. But they were definitely colored and I noticed that two were smaller and more blue. The other two were larger and one was blue-green and the other red-orange. They were not particularly bright: about as bright as the other stars in the sky. The two blues were changing angle from more of a 60 degree down to 55, 50, 45, etc. moving NE towards southern Vermont. They were kind of paired but not extremely close to each other. The larger blue-green light was moving downs similar angles but heading NW towards Southern Vermont over Clarksburg State Forest. The larger red-orange one was maintaining a the 60 angle and was moving W/SW. They felt like they were moving at the speed that a satellite moves across the sky (slightly faster than your average commercial airplane). I watch for approximately 30 seconds, questioning everything: If these are satellites, why can I see colors? and why are they different colors? and four at the same time? and all crossing paths from a similar point in the sky? After those thirty seconds and looking into my phone to see if I could take a picture, the orange one changed path now heading NW towards the blue-green light over clarksburg state forest and towards southern vermont. I immediately called my best friend. She did not answer. phone rang about 4/5 times until voicemail greeting and automated instructions. I then left about a 45 second voicemail narrating what I had seen and what I was seeing. During this time, an airplane entered the my vision heading NW in the same direction as the orange-red and the blue-green lights over Clarksburg state forrest and towards southern vermont. This had your standard blink red and white lights that are typically seen on commercial flights. The two smaller blue ones left my field of vision (there are a lot of houses and mountains) and then slowly the larger blue-green and red-oranges faded into the distance with the airplane still heading in the same direction. It was warm out about 65 degrees F and it had been up in the 80s that day. There had not been any precipitation that day nor for the couple of days prior. There were not many if not none clouds. (not edited for spelling, capitalization or grammar).

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