UFO Sighting in Oregon on June 19th 2016 – Looked like an outline of neon LED lights that almost made a square. Very fast and far away.

I was finishing up playing with my brother outside in our front yard when I saw it up in the sky. I looked at it as it rushed by because it looked like a computer glitch (or when a line of pixels on your tv stops responding). It was way above the clouds and was about the size of a small pill from my point of view. It looked like it was a bright LED light outline of what looked to be a rectangle with its center invisible, or two halves of a square that were slightly separated. It came from nowhere in the sky, and then was suddenly rushing away within the span of a second before it had blipped out of existence again. While I was able to see it it either left behind a short broken up neon trail or part of the square’s own line had extended back behind it somewhat. I was completely stunned because whatever I had seen had gone by so fast and was so high above the clouds that I couldn’t believe that it was anything like a plane or helicopter and instantly believed that it was something I was not supposed to necessarily see. I was completely silent and stopped moving in awe when I watched it zip by and instantly told my brother what I had seen right afterward. I told him of the distance at which it had been from me, the size, the speed, and specifically the odd square neon shape. He believed that it could not have been a plane or anything and said that it was either a UFO or some sort of military secret aircraft. This was all unbelievable, but also odd, because this was the first time I had been back home in a month, and certainly the first time I had played outside with my brother in a long time. I don’t know if any of this matters but my brother and I were playing badminton, then practicing balancing and swinging either an 11 foot stick of bamboo or a baseball bat. I had also been telling my brother earlier about a remote control plane a friend of mine had made recently, if any of that mattes at all. Also, after I told my brother I went inside and told my parents, who then went outside to look for themselves after i had drawn them a small picture of what it had looked like. They believed me, but didn’t see anything. It reminded my mother of times in the past where she had believed she’d seen UFOs. I took a snapchat of the sky where I saw it and drew in the shape I had seen (although I drew it a little large) but didn’t post the snap, but just kept it to remember what I’d seen.

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