UFO Sighting in Prince George, British Columbia on June 4th 2016 – Viewed light traveling east and west in short period of time Thrid light green blue in colour

While visiting family We were in the back yard at 1700 downtown Prince George BC I had only one beer at the time, it was a nice warm day clear ski no wind. I looked up just to see the ski I like to look at the Ski. The frist object I saw in this story was light traveling a cross the ski west to east movement it look like Venus or possibly the space station I showed it to my brother in law and nephew who had both witness this. We went about our
Business. Chatting what ever. Anyways I still thought what we saw was unusual so I looked up again and to my surprise the object was back brigher then before at about s veiw of 45 degrees moving overhead from east To west not at a fast speed but I could tell because I could not be sure of its height, anyways it traveled westward until I couldn’t see it any more. And I was puzzled by this. And we began talking about Ufos etc. And this is when it got weird I looked again just because and their it was back again but it was a different colour it was bright green with almost like a bluish puffy cloud around it. At this time no One else would bother to look up say they don’t believe in Ufos. I guess most people don’t see anything or believe anything until it hits them in the head. Anyways I used my I phones compass to verify the direction Of what I had seen. The Green light disappeared it must have gone straight up out of veiw because we a know things don’t just disappear don’t we. Anyway this is not the first time that I have seen lights at this time of year in the Prince George area.

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