UFO Sighting in Aztec, New Mexico on June 24th 2016 – Saw yellowish-white, bright object from patio. Watched it turn copper color, Got camera, took two photos. Watched it fairly slowly go from the SW to due North.

I was outside on my west-facing patio in Aztec, New Mexico, having a cigarette around midnight, June 24, 2016, when I noticed a bright light to the southwest, fairly low in the sky. It was a little cloudy and overcast – a fairly dark evening. There was maybe some smoke from forest fires and there were no stars visible. I did not see the moon. The only thing I saw was this one bright light and I immediately wondered if it could be another UFO. I am a “sky-watcher” so I kept my eyes on this for several minutes. When it changed from a yellowish-white color to a copper color, I went inside to get my camera, went back outside and proceeded to take 2 photos. The first photo I took was when it appeared to be yellow/white, not “zoomed in”. The second photo I snapped after it turned copper color again. I zoomed in on the second photo and can see a great amount of detail to the object, including a very distinct, very straight, horizontal “line” just above the middle of the round object. The object did not move much for around 10 minutes, maybe a little longer. A few times, it appeared to wobble but stayed in the same general place. Then, it started slowly moving to the north. I watched it disappear in a straight, Northerly direction. My reactions and actions? Well, I was a little happy to have seen another strange thing in the sky…I find it a bit exciting. After it left, I sat outside for a little while longer to see if it would come back but it didn’t…I wish it had.

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