UFO Sighting in Spring, Texas on June 23rd 2016 – Was on my drive way and it seamed to be a ball of fire right obove me my wife and some neighbors maybe 70 80 ft very clear orange fire like plasma orb

I was in an argument with my wife went out to our drive way she followed, then right obove us kinda in front maybe 70 ft above there it was a fire like ball …orange and kinda pulsing but more like it was on fire I shouted to the neighbors look at that we all saw it it was amazing I was shaking and put the video up on my face book ppl will say that there were fire works but nah …this was moving …it was thinking ..I’ve never been so happy so excited about something I saw its not letting me post my video …it has it as a photo idk why …ok it won’t let me please someone contact me for the video ….it’s amazing I’ll repost if I get it to work

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