UFO Sighting in Minnesota on June 24th 2016 – Bright white light in the shape of an oval with large white light tail behind, no sound, raising up.

My husband and i were out on our deck having a cigarette. I was looking up at the stars when I saw a bright white light come from the east over our yard (at a distance) and over our trees. There was no sound whats so ever. As it was crossing there was a tail of white light behind it. Although there was a light you could still see a distinct oval shape within the white light. No trees moved, nor was there any wind. It was completely silent. Not a cloud in the sky either. When I saw this craft I knew it was as I have seen others before, but never like this one. It jist went up at a slow incline but you could tell it was going extremely fast. I lost sight of it when it went over the trees to the west. My husband was looking at our dogs so didnt see it. When in first saw this I was in awe of this. I instantly got goose bumps and was shaking at what in had just seen. I said to my husband “babe babe did you just see that! It was amazing! Are you serious you didnt just see that!” Im just really hoping others got to see this as well. I dont know what it was doing here but seemed like it was low enough to start out that it had been hovering somewhere in the east for some reason. Again it was nothing like what ive seen before. Ive seen comets, jets, falling stars, satellites, and spot light before in my life and this was 100% different and not just because ot was rising not falling but the light was so bright amd beautiful. Thank you.

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