UFO Sighting in Lewisville, Texas on July 12th 1976 – we thought it was the moon it was so big it came down and hovered over my car an then went back where we frist daw it an then it went up in the stars and past them till we could no longer see it.. awesome changed my life

we was leaving a motorcycle race track that we was building in Roanoke tx my brother saw it frist an said hey look at the moon it looks funny so i looked up to see it and i had to look though my winshild of my car but when i saw it. i didn’t think it was the moon but i knew it was something very strange i looked around in my car looking for the real moon but couldn’t find it so i told my brother we’re gonna hear about this on the news tonight when we get home because this don’t happen every day.an i told him we’ll whatever it is I’ve got to drive so i quit looking at it and went on about my driving. an my brother said look the moon is falling. so i looked up thinking i was gonna see the moon burning out like a falling star or something like that. and the next words out of my mouth was falling hell it’s flying and i knew it wasn’t the moon it changed directions several times before stopping right above my car in mid air my mouth was hanging open while my brother was having panic attack or some kind of a mental brake down i just kept on watching it with amazement but after a while of him screaming at me to stop the car i couldn’t concentrate on watching the ufo so i hollered at him to shut the —- up and i told him i’ve got a 351winsor under the hood of my mustang …. and you want to get out and run on foot i said just shut up and watch the g.d.thing.! so he was trying to regain his composer and we both kept watching the most amazing thing ive ever seen and after a few more minutes it took the same course it took down and went back up to where it was but only for a few seconds or maybe a minute then it took three more courses up heading up in too the star’s and it looked just like a star but it kept going till it past the star’s an got smaller and smaller till we could no longer see it anymore. every since then i don’t think our government is laying to us I KNOW THEY ARE LYING TO US. AND IT’S REALLY UPSETTING TO ME TO KNOW THAT (WE THE PEOPLE) ARE NOT (WE THE PEOPLE ANYMORE) NOW IT’S (WE THE PEOPLE AND THE GOVERNMENT AND THEM) because we ain’t alone that forsure. and anybody that thinks we are all their is.. is just stupid ,stupid,stupid…!

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