Alien Encounter in Oxford, Iowa on June 26th 2016 – i saw one fly back and forth 3 times and then about 15min later i saw another light stop turn 90 degrees and brighten and disappear

this all started about a week and a half ago .. I was out walking my dog and I always look up at the night sky and I notice a light moving and it was not like any I had seen before and so I watched it and it moved back and forth but over long distances. after about 15min I saw another light and it flew straight and then slowed brightened and when it brightened I felt a sharp pain in my head like something just stabbed my brain and then it disappeared. I went back home and felt very uneasy. Three days later I cld not shake the uneasy feeling especially at night I just keep feeling like something is there. But last night on the 26th of june I was letting my dog out again and looked up and the sky was beautiful and then I felt scared and went right inside I went to bed. what I am about to tell you I have no idea if it was a dream or really I can always tell the difference but with this I just don’t know I feel crazy even writing this but here I go. I woke up and I cld not feel my bed below me my room was dimly lite and there was a being to my left I tried to scream but I could not I could not ever open my mouth or move my heart was pound and it kept going from my head to my feet with something that had a green beam of light it didn’t hurt but felt warm. Everything about what I was wearing was the same as when I went to bed. and then the next thing I know I am laying back on my bed with covers off AND THEY R NEVER OFF and my heart is pound and everything is like what I was seeing . I don’t know what happened or if it was even real but I do know that I have felt weird and like I am being watched. please help me feel sane again

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