UFO Sighting in Bennett, Colorado on June 27th 2016 – Looked up from a chair on my back porch saw a bright white object. The sky was very blue and expecting to see anything it stood out. It was about 15,000 to 20,000 ft up. After observing for 2.30 mm it did several tight circles and south.

While observing making sure i was seeing what i thought i was seeing the object abruptly headed south. I got up at of my chair that was facing NE took 6 steps to the SE end of my house. reacquiring the object it had gone about 50%to the south and was moving fast. This is when a 2nd object caught up to and passed it and went out of sight. I sat back in my chair, my dog began to get sick. After that i called it a day. We went inside and the clock said 4:58 pm, in my mind 5 min had past but it had been almost 2hrs.

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