UFO Sighting in Kingston, Ontario on September 10th 1977 – Recieved a call from a radar tech that he had unidentified aircraft on his radar and go outside and look up a the nigth sky, and see what I can see.

I had been in the Canadian Military for about 10 years, when this happened. Upon getting a phone call from a friend who worked as a radar tech, and he told me to go outside and look up in the night sky an look for unidentified aircraft, which he could not identify. I went outside and observed 5 bright star like objects coming down from different locations that were quite high, but descended where they came together forming a circle. They then separated and hovered apart in a parallel line. After a minute or so they flew further apart and went a little higher. My radar friend told me, they were scrambling jets from CFB Bagotville, Quebec. He said they would be there in about 5 minutes. I watched the UFO’s move all around the night sky, and would not go too far from each other. When my radar tech friend told me the jets would intercept in less than a minute, the 5 UFO’s left, one after the other with such speed, it is hard to describe…like with the blink of eye, gone. Whew.

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