UFO Sighting in Twentynine Palms, California on June 19th 2016 – Black sphere emitting no noise which hovered above a house then traveled at approximately 35 mph

At 5:20 in the morning on 26 June I was walking my dogs along a regularly traveled route just before sunrise. As I was walking east along Samarkand Rd I spotted a black sphere the size of a beach ball ascending slowly from a rooftop. It caught my eye because it was movement within my line of sight and an object I am not used to seeing at that position. No other people were in sight, and after ascending, the sphere hovered for a moment. After hovering, it took off in the opposite direction from which I was walking, east towards the coming sunrise. At first it traveled slowly then gained speed to approximately 35 mph. I thought it may have been some type of drone, though no forms of propulsion were detected and I should have heard some noise if it was a kind of drone, but it was completely silent. I watched it for approximately 3 minutes until I could no longer see it (because it was eventually so far away) as it traveled over the desert. I was very curious, but not scared. I told a neighbor and my friend what I saw, then made a report on ufo hunters and this site after failing to reach out to the Ground Zero radio show with Clive Lewis.

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