UFO Sighting in High Wycombe, on November 2nd 2014 – Lights like stars seen flying low over High Wycombe

Rectory Avenue, High Wycombe, UK

2nd November 2014 16:00, daylight but overcast.

I was renting a room in a house on Rectory Avenue in High Wycombe. The house was on the side of Amersham hill. The room was at the front of the house on the first floor and had a large 5 pane single glazed bay window that overlooked the valley. From the window I could see nearby houses and rooftops, further away the green grass of the Rye recreation ground, and in the distance tree tops that formed the other side of the valley.

I was sitting on a double bed in my bedroom using a laptop. The bay window was to my right. I glanced up from the laptop and was surprised to see a formation of lights moving silently to my right in the furthest pane from me of the bay window. There was no noise that I could hear although the openers were shut but they were old and drafty. They were fairly close to me at this point (a few house away, for example) and reminded me of stars or yellow/white fairy lights like the kind that you see on Christmas trees. I quickly put my laptop on the bed and went to the window to watch. There were approximately 12 to 14 of these lights and not only were they quickly moving to my right but they were also moving around close to each other. Some moved down while others moved up while others moved around each other whilst still travelling to my right. As they did so, they formed a V shape similar to that of geese in flight – a V lying flat with the point leading like an arrow. They had also dropped in altitude to roughly the same as mine. As they flew away from me across the valley each arm of the V undulated as though they were tethered by some invisible line. I definitely remember seeing the lights bobbing. At that point I quickly returned to the bed to fetch my phone so that I could take some photos. When I returned to the window they were far away and I decided not to take a photo as I had to unlock my phone and I did not want to miss anymore of the spectacle. I remember saying to myself that they looked like geese in flight. At this point, they were in a fixed formation with no bob or undulation. Up over the trees on the other side of the valley they went and up into the sky. I continued to watch until they blended with the greyish white clouds and had flown out of sight. What I did not realise until posting this is that the former site of RAF Daws hill was in the vicinity that they flew over whilst I was watching.

I imagine that some of you reading this will think that what I witnessed were Chinese lanterns. I have seen Chinese lanterns in flight many times both during the day and at night and in different conditions. Although what I witnessed was similar I saw no flickering of naked flames. In fact, I saw some Chinese lanterns a few weeks ago one afternoon which reminded me of my sighting and I had the chance to compare. I knew that they were Chinese lanterns immediately and although they were further away that what I witnessed I could see the flicker. What I witnessed seemed to be different, internally lit but no flicker, a constant radiance of light like a fairy light. Plus they moved around each other and formed a flat V shape lead by the point. I have never seen Chinese lanterns do this. Some of you might argue that they were Chinese lanterns tethered together but the question is why didn���t they tangle when they were moving around each other and how would you control the V to get it lying flat with the point leading? Wouldn’t the wind wind cause them to tangle?

I talked to people at work and the people I was living with but nobody else seemed to have seen what I witnessed. I also checked on-line to try and find other reports but so far have found nothing.

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