UFO Sighting in Lillington, North Carolina on March 17th 2016 – Hovering Mushroom Chrome Craft by 450 ft. Cell tower

I need to verify this by checking with all you Lillingtonians about three occasions in the past three months (March 17th, April 1st (Don’t even start), and June 9th) where I saw, how should I put this….screw it…UFO’s over the 450 ft. Cell tower on 421 North, the one you could hit with a rock standing in my parents back yard. Here are the details, the first two occasions were the same craft or at least same type, it was chrome oblong shape (like the top of a mushroom, and no I wasn’t on shrooms) and did not move an inch, it was sitting I would guess 100 feet left of the top of the tower(1st) and about 3 quarters the way up about 500 ft away (2nd). It was there one minute and gone the next. I observed each for about 1-2 minutes each time. The third was REALLY high directly above the top of the tower, guessing several thousand feet, which means I could not make out the shape but, It did move, and mean it MOVED. Nothing, and I mean nothing man made could move that fast and make turns like this thing did. It would turn the pilot into instant spam. Anyway those are the details, no i didn’t have my phone on me on any of these occasions, and the only thing in my system was Advil and Mountain Dew.

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