UFO Sighting in San Jose, San Jose on May 1st 1999 – Power outage at home while UFO hovering above our house emitting colorful lights in a circular motion.

1999 in San Jose, Costa Rica, area called Moravia, my close family & I experienced a local power outage at our house, as we went looking for each other we notice a humming sound (kind of like a generator) near the house but we knew our neghbors did not have a generator, as we look outside we notice other homes across the street have power and we also notice colorful lights reflecting from the sky off our roof-less patio area my mom peeked outside and told me and my brother to stay inside, she did not let us go to the patio so we went to another window where I could see the lights spinning above and changing colors (pink yellow blue green red) as it spun there was a thin cloud over the surface but the rotating lights were bright enough to shine through and reflect from the outdoor white wall and give visibility. The craft was not that high up in the sky and the thin cloud was close to our house, my mom soon came and took us away from the other window and as we walked inside the humming stopped and the power came back and the colorful lights went away. I have never forgotten that day and nor has my family. The next day the maid came to our house telling us that one of our neighbors that she worked for had spotted a ufo from her second floor towards our direction.

One other detail is that there were power lines connected to a transformer in front of our house.

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