Black Triangle Sighting in Saint Albans City, Vermont on June 1st 2016 – saw black triangle. lights blinked around corners of triangle. almost landed or hovered

1. I was coming home from work just pulled in to my house knowing I was home alone.
I was playing music from my car and got out because I noticed how clear the sky was

2. Staring up at the stars I noticed an object hovering with triangle like lights blinking.

3. At first I could not tell if the object was real or not but as the lights on it blinked and went in between clouds and closer to my house I became scared

5. I began to think the ufo was coming for me and felt a crazy psychological feeling. It decended and hovered in plain sight near my house

I had no lights on at my house at the time of pulling in

I ran inside to get binoculars and turned on my outside lights to try to record this event with my phone somehow

The object was gone when I returned outside.

I was alone and scared during this incident and ran into my room.

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