UFO Sighting in Livonia, Michigan on August 15th 2015 – Saw large red dagger-like diamond shaped UFO being followed by red orb

I was walking my dogs through the park as the last of the daylight was fading away. I noticed a bright red light out of the corner of my eye and looked at a cutout between clumps of trees to the south where I noticed a very big diamond shaped object (about 50 ft tall) moving to the west and a bit south just above the tree tops. It was composed of two 4-sided pyramids, with one pointing up and one pointing down, joined in the middle. It was moving about 45 miles an hour being closely followed by a red orb object about 3 feet wide. The diamond object looked like a ruby with a bright yellow/white light inside pulsing very brightly about once every 1.5 seconds. The object was slowly spinning counter-clockwise looking from the top-down.

The entire object looked like solid glass lit up crimson colored. The edges were well-defined and looked perfectly straight and also razor sharp points on the top and bottom. I saw that it was on a heading that would take it behind a clump of trees coming up and I knew I only had seconds to see it. I knew if I fumbled my phone out and into camera mode it would be gone by then, so reluctantly I didn’t even try to get my phone out to record. I just wanted to focus on getting a very good look at it because it was moving kind of slow and perfectly steady. The diamond object was moving without any wobbles or bobbing, but the red orb was slightly wobbly but following the center of the diamond closely. After about 7 seconds it was out of sight behind the trees. I saw the object spin around completely about 2 times making it apparent that it had 4 edges around the middle making it a pair of 4-sided pyramids. I also saw that there were no lights other than light seemingly emanating from the center of it and the crimson lit surfaces, and it had no features whatsoever besides the geometry and perfectly flat sides. The object made no noise and did not leave a trail or exhaust. There were no windows but the entire object seemed uniformly semi-transparent. At the time of the sighting I had no idea what the object could be.

The extreme pointy nature of this craft seemed strange to me because it didn’t look like it could easily land anywhere. It seemed more practical to me that this was some sort of machine being guided into place. Later I thought that maybe there was a reason for such an extremely pointy angle on the top and bottom. I did drawings and estimated the triangles composing the 8 faces of both pyramids making up the object to be 70, 70, 40 degree triangles. Later i saw someone strangely post something about a sublime triangle which is a 72, 72, 36 degree triangle and has significant mathematical and geometric properties.

I wasn’t fearful while witnessing the object, but later I became a little nervous that maybe I saw something sensitive but there hasn’t been any trouble since it happened. I’ve seen a lot of orbs in the last few years and a handful of other impressive UAP’s but nothing as well defined as the diamond. I have NO idea what or who is inside these objects but I feel like it’s probably ET’s, robots, or humans, in that order of probability. I’ve noticed no missing chunks of time and the times I’ve seen orbs and other things it always seems like they are being playfully friendly and showing off what they can do, coming closer and revealing more over time. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I REALLY want to know who or what is inside them. I’m attaching a drawing I made of the diamond. Thanks

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