UFO Sighting in shawnee town, Missouri on July 2nd 2016 – Bright orange ob floating moving around in multi directions, also a saucer with lights blinking around center

We were sitting at the bus station in sikeston and we witnessed what appeared to be several stars rotating around each other. that is when we noticed two big orange spheres followed by many (too many to count) smaller ships with two jet like engines as well as several disc shaped objects that were clearly saucers when viewed with binoculars.after viewing subtle movements for several hours the objects began to move in wild seemingly impossible movements. the saucers were obviously within our atmosphere. I have been able to locate these objects for several weeks now. sometimes they will appear in great and obvious numbers, other nights we can only see a few, but we always see something. tonight in particular they was the so called mother orb and all the smaller ones would slowly follow it.

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