UFO Sighting in Georgia on July 2nd 2016 – 8-12 orange orbs moving in a slow path but each moved in a slightly different path. Each seemed to almost Bob at times. Several others saw them. They faded out one at a time.

I viewed 8-12 red orange orbs in the sky. They were not in formation and seemed to be following a separate path. They appeared over the treeline near the big chicken in marietta, ga in alost a semi circle but they all moved from the original line and moved in a slow speed. They almost seemed to be moving like a bobber on the water as they moved along. Within a couple minutes they faded out. They must have been close because they started at about 45 degrees from the horizon. I was able to get directly under the last one before it faded away. Multiple other people saw the same lights and were startled.

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