UFO Sighting in Powassan, Ontario on July 2nd 2016 – Driving home from work, north on Hwy 11, north of South River, Ontario. Saw bright orange ball of light moving west to east across the sky.

At approximately 11pm, on July 2, 2016, I was driving home from work in South River, Ontario. Traveling north on Hwy 11, I spotted a bright orange ball of light slowly moving west to east across the sky. It did not appear to be a plane or other aircraft, there were no flashing lights, and no noise.
I pulled over to take a photo. The two I got with my cell phone, are not good, they only show a distant speck of light in the sky, but I arrived home and immediately googled “ufo orange ball of light”, and found this video which shows a multitude of objects resembling what I saw, crossing a night sky.
I have never paid much attention to ufo stories, but this was definitely something strange.

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