UFO Sighting in Ville Platte, Louisiana on July 3rd 2016 – my son and I were watching the fireworks and saw an object in the sky it had white,blue, green, and red lights decended and reasecended 3 times also saw other 3 lighted triangle crafts

My son and I were watching fireworks and saw an object with white,red,blue,and green lights in the sky it acsended in a straight line and hovered there a while and then made a circle turned and went back to were we first saw it then it decended behind the trees to the ground it looked like. A few mins later it reascended it did this a few times before disappearing , also in the sky were a few 3 white light ufos triangular but we see these often and were not alarmed, could also hear helicopters in the area but could not hear them this is also a common thing for us when we see these ufos not sure if they are government craft but i suspect some are though not all of them some just defy what i consider to be of earth

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