UFO Sighting in Winnipeg, Manitoba on July 5th 2016 – Very Large Bright White Glowing circular object larger then a full moon behind low lying clouds

There were bad storms occurring in Winnipeg and it’s surrounding area’s this evening . For some reason my spouse & I were full of energy tonight and could not sleep. It was 11:45 pm and we were trying to wind down while watching a Classic Car show. During the show for some reason I felt compelled to continually check the wind outside and how it was bending the trees. I even commented on how strong the winds were at about 11:50 pm. With in 5 mins( or less) I looked outside to checked the winds again to only find that the trees were NOT moving at all. I found that very odd since the wind was so brisk just moments ago. I mentioned “how the trees were stagnate & not moving AT ALL”, to my spouse. He said ” Maybe we are in the eye of the storm ?” …Then Laughed. I didn’t find that too funny so I had to take a look outside for myself. So I threw my slippers on and ventured out. As I stepped out I noticed there were NO winds at all.
Initially I looked Southwest because there were some pretty cool cloud formations happening with the storm. The clouds were low , very fluffy and light greyish color against the black sky. The clouds really stood out. They were moving from the Northeast and a pretty quick pace. As I walk from west to east I turned around to face west. It was then that I saw a huge bright white light behind a large fluffy cloud. Clear skies were on the horizon so the contrast of the bright light behind the light greyish cloud upon the black sky really stood out!! In the back of my mind I had 2 questions ….1) the size of the bright light seemed to be allot larger then a full moon…& .. 2) I do not ever remember the Moon being in that location. I didn’t want to leave but I thought I would go inside to get my spouse as a witness as well as check my my ” Skyview App ” on my phone to see where the moon was tonight. To my astonishment the Moon was not even out tonight!! It is suppose to rise at 7:20 am!! And No…. there was no noise at all. It was Not a helicopter or a plane.With the wind not blowing at all I could hear everything.
I am an avid skywatcher and have seen many amazing things in my life but I have never written about them. I felt compelled to write about this because of it’s size. Although I only witnessed this for a moment I know this was something amazing.This was huge. It was like a huge Orb In the sky behind the clouds. I only wish I would have had my camera to take a picture of it!! I am so energized right now I cannot even sleep!!
This is my second sighting in a month. On June 7,2016 I also witnessed 2 small orbs in our Winnipeg skies. They moved like they were dancing in the sky without any limitations!!They were directly North at about 2:15pm. Maybe I will take the time to write about those next.Thank you for having a forum to allow us to write of our experiences.

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