UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on July 5th 2016 – 9:13pm, 3 miles NW of LAX, light red plasma oval slowly ascending and headed NE, then made a gentle SE turn and steadily climbed at a 60 degree angle.

So I went out in my front yard at 9:00pm and took up my normal viewing position facing WNW sky with my head swiveling to the N and then to the E back and forth like I usually do at this time of night. 9:10pm and I’m still scanning the sky W, NW, N, E and see nothing but the fog rolling in from the West. 9:13pm and I’m getting bored and for whatever reason I decide to turn around and look to the South, which I never normally do, and at a distance of 1/2 mile to 1 mile and 30 degrees of the horizon I see a light red plasma oval about 100 feet long slowly flying and ascending from SW to NE. The plasma coming off the object was obviously being affected by the fact that this object was in motion. The plasma was being whipped up around this object as it flew. It then made a gentle turn to the SW then steadily climbed at a 60 degree angle until it became star-like a few seconds later. I video’d it (140MB) with my cell phone and tried to upload it but the MUFON page timed out. The video looked nothing like what I saw with my eyes, either in color or size of the object, so you ain’t missing a thing really, other than me talking to myself as I was filming it. The object was dead silent as it flew. I need to get a better camera or a FLIR attachment for my phone cause the video simply looks like crap, even on a Samsung Note 4.

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