Is our Sun a massive UFO Stargate?

Back in 2011 Nassim Harramein unveiled an artifact discovered deep inside a Mexican Mayan pyramid. 

This ancient artifact depicts alien spacecraft that seems to be heading into the sun carved with what looks like a giant triangle. Was this triangle perhaps a portal of some kind?

Around that same time, NASA started posting images of the sun with giant black isosceles triangles on the surface, just like in the artifact.

The NASA photo below reveals a possible Stargate? 

One year earlier, in 2010 NASA had posted the incredible footage of massive objects approaching and leaving the sun. Soon after the images were posted, they were suddenly removed and re-posted, doctored to appear as though these large moving spots were comets, according to guardianlv.

Images above, taken from the video, are original NASA images of earth sized alien craft using our sun as a Stargate, a portal to other systems.

Is the sun is natural star gate as is suggested in the next video?


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