UFO Sighting in Florida on July 1st 2016 – Looked like a large firework, had an extremely vivid tail, 4 witnesses.

3 of my friends and I were walking down my street with my dog. I’m assuming it was almost 2 am on July 1st; there was a cloudless sky. We were all spread out on the street, I was facing west, 2 of my friends both looking south and one facing west. The one facing west experienced a bright light that he thought was a car which caused him to turn around. The two facing south had the best view of the UFO and I’ll try my best to describe what I did not see based off of them. I’m someone who is constantly star gazing night sky, but at this moment I was facing the opposite direction of the UFO and looking ‘down’ at my dog. I few moments before this occurred I was thinking about an encounter story I had watched on tv; a group of friends had been paralyzed by a extremely bright blue light. I have no explanation why I did this; I saw no light behind me nor hear anything. My friends were all silent as I rolled my head back towards to SE. I didn’t even look at my friends just directly to the object. It was a large circular orb that was heading towards EW I believe. The tail of it was extremely vivid and long. It was mainly white/blue but there were yellowish sparks coming of the tail. I was the only one that heard a very slight swooshing/humming sound yet I was farthest from it. My boyfriend saw the most of it and he said it moved slowly across the sky then shot off. He wasn’t going to say anything because he didn’t think anyone else saw it. At I first thought it was a firework but it was way to large to be a firework. My dog didn’t even flinch when it occurred. We had so many conversations about space and aliens leading up to this effect and thats what really freaked me out. It was defiantly something I’ll never forget.

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