UFO Sighting in Plain City, Ohio on July 5th 2016 – Every night since mid june looks like 2 stars side by side. first saw just one each night, 9pm-2am. now seeing 3 or more each night..

The first time I saw it, was approximately 9:30 pm june fourteen 2016. In the western sky, about where the sun would be at 4:00pm I think.It was stationary in the sky no blinking. It looked like two stars very close side by side.Very bright .I went inside my apartment and came back out at 2:oo am . Now it was in the southwest sky and looked like it was farther, not as visible but had same shape. This happened every night except a couple nights that it wasn’t visible,over a 2 week period.I tried binoculars and I thought it looked like a dragonfly shape and gold color. My glasses made them difficult to use, so I didn’t try again.The night of July 4, this was the second time i saw more than one and 3 of them made a triangle in the southwest.Tonight, At midnight i could see one in the west, two in southwest and looked like one was moving from southwest to east. Low enough now to hear it and see blinking red lights on it. I watched till it disappeared in a cloud but could still hear it. Now it’s 1:31 am and I don’t see anything.Altogether, I’ve had 3 witnesses besides myself. My grandaughter, one neighbor and a local policeman. Not all on the same night. I tried to take a picture but it didn’t appear in any of the 3 photos I took with my phone.

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