UFO Sighting in Wisconsin on September 2nd 2013 – Flying twoards our direct path, we pulled over and flashed headlights on vehicle

Driving on I43 from Milwaukee to I90 at 1245am.We were between Elkhorn and Delevan. Out my right side of the windshield I noticed an orange glow in the sky flying towards us at about 3500 feet. I knew this was not a traditional aircraft and a UFO. We pulled our vehicle over to watch the unusual craft. Just an orange glow, making no sounds at all. it was not a helicopter or air plane. I turned my headlights on and off several times. I do not know why I did this, maybe to get its attention. It suddenly changed direction flying south. Then suddenly changed direct again heading north east. It then accelerated to an incredible speed and vanished in the night horizon toward Milwaukee. My son and I didn’t even know what to say to each other. We were in shock, seeing something like this. We both said the same thing, ” we just saw a UFO “

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