UFO Sighting in Duncan, British Columbia on July 4th 2016 – 30 to 40 orbs,2 blinking,1 dark object,5 to 7 objects stationary all others moving then disapper

Driving south bound HWY 1.
2, Very clear skys,beautiful evening,many points of light in large group,difficult not to see 15 degrees off horizon on my left 10 oclock. 3. No thinking,knew what I was looking at!
There were many orb shaped objects of various sizes,in a random grouping,appeared stationary.Took me 10 to 20 seconds to realize what I was seeing.I was driving in a 50 km zone no traffic near me,I slowed to about 10 to 15 km per hr watching the light orbs,about 30 seconds into sighting,%70 to %80 of the objects started moving to west ascending at a 5 to 10 degree angle from 1st observation,They moved what I would think to be about 1.5 miles then stop and hovered,other objects did not move from 1st sighting point.I pulled across highway and parked in McDonalds parking lot,looking east the stationary group had 1 object with a regular pulsing that did not stop during entire observation,there were 6 to 8 other objects near to the blinking object that moved very little from the blinking object.The group of objects that moved are in a wnw direction from blinking object,The wnw group started moving and disappearing,some from the nwn group traveled fast enough to leave a light tail behind them and made 120 to 140 degree chanegs of direction and then disappeared,1 object from nwn group did not move and stayed stationary for about 10 minutes.At about 10 minutes into oberservation the east group and the object nwn moved towards a single point to the north fast enough to leave a light tail behind,the movement was very short and seemed to me to be an aggressive or threatening move!!!! After that there was not much movement but some objects very faint moved into view from time to time and some objects moved small distances slowly. Close to the blinking object,100’s of feet and slightly high,there was a dark object that had a different shape,kind of like a clingon battle cruiser!!!!! Seems crazy,but it was there and looked that way!I ran out of time as I had someplace I needed to be and left. I took video,unfortunately after the nwn group had left! I realize now I should have took some stills! The object in the nwn group that did not leave blinked from time to time.The objects in the nwn group departed in what seemed random directions,they did not fly out of sight,they disappeared,I think mostly at the same time!

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