Alien Encounter in Houston, Texas on September 11th 1963 – In 1963 I think I was taken up in the sky. I could see the Cities below. I felt a rush of information . I lost time. And after the event. I WAS placed BACK from were I was missing. No Police report was filed by my mom who couldn’t find me. There’s more.

I WAS 3 Years old. My mom and I was living in an Apartment with blinding glass doors witch led to a pool with a diving board. On the day of the Event I was on my trike. I WAS awoken by something witch led me to the edge of the Diving board. Then again something guided me to look at the Center of the pool. All at one’s I was just inches from the drain at the bottom of the pool watching the Leaves swaying gently BACK and fourth. And then I was fly over Cities seeing clouds and feeling a rush of information knowing people were living there lives and knowing there was technology they was using. The rest of the information I didn’t understand. I didn’t feel anything. And then I was BACK on the edge of the Diving board were I could here my mom yelling at me to get off of the Diving board. And my mom was also yelling at me because she couldn’t find me. After this happened I had other events were I lost time through out my life. And I felt like I was being watched. In 1977 I got vary sick with meningitis and had a temp of 106 while I was
In the Army. That left me disabled. After all of this I have come to the only truth I can. The Why. And the answer is. I don’t know. But I can live with the only truth I will ever know. And that truth is. I WAS Taken by something and someone for a period of time in 1963 in Houston Texas. I still don’t know if anyone will understand . Perhaps it was just my 3 Year old mind playing tricks on me BACK then. Who knows.Just thought I would let someone know. Please don’t judge me.

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