UFO Sighting in High River, Alberta on July 8th 2016 – Looking at the stars I witnessed 3 distinct lights in the sky traveling rapidly across to the NW.

I was outside in my backyard looking at the stars at around 12:30 midnight when I witnessed three distinct lights traveling in parallel formation towards the NW. I could see what seemed to be an outline of the object blocking the stars as it traveled across the sky. These lights (or what appeared to be one object or craft) seemed to be travelling at a high rate of speed. It seemed as though they were high in altitude. About the height of a commercial jet. I got the sense that this object was enormous in size. As it passed across the sky the lights seemed to fade out. I have never seen anything of this nature in our skies and I have spend a lot of time sky watching. I’ve been an avid amateur astronomer since I was young and I can differentiate between a plane in the sky, satellites, planets etc, and I have never witnessed anything of this nature before in all my sky watching.

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