UFO Sighting in Mission, British Columbia on July 9th 2016 – it was like a star, but it flickered

i went out on deck to have a cigarette, when i looked up, it caught my eye as it flickered…i lost the object…then 30 sec it appeared different spot, looked like it traveled south, and it appeared different spot 3rd time…back to the north…i didn’t see any more lights, i went in house….but it was partly cloudy, but i seen the stars, and the plane…but the short distances it was appearing, it could have been a solid object with multiple lights flickering different spots…i live by the usa border….it could be one of theirs…but weird, because the light was a big flash, but like a bulb burning out….lasted a sec….it was no plane, or helicopter…it was about 5000 feet, not even….and it might have been 1 different object moving, or a solid hovering…thank you, EP

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