UFO Sighting in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on July 10th 2016 – A hat shaped object with bright lights was floating erratically in the sky – a light emerged at the base & then returned, & then there were flashes all around us. After thirty minutes, it disappeared & a bizarre machine noise came from seemingly no where.

A friend & I were working the overnight shift & had just stepped into the lot behind the building for some air. My friend first noticed the object, & pointed it out to me. She asked me if I thought it was a star, because it was unusually large & bright. When I saw it, I knew it could not be a star.
The light was brilliant, & it was constantly changing its intensity. It melted into red, pink, orange, white, yellow & (occasionally) a green-blue at random & with no apparent pattern or timing. We thought it could be a satellite, but it moved like a mosquito, hovering all around & up & down. At this time the object was far above & away from us to the north.
After a few minutes, my friend jokingly called out to it, asking it to come closer. We were just chatting & watching it, when suddenly it began to zigzag upwards above the tallest pine trees, putting it into very clear view. That was when we could see that the light was actually coming from the base of a larger, round, black object.
As we stood there & watched, it moved slowly closer to us. After a few minutes of this we got scared & ran inside. About ten minutes later, though, curiosity got the best of us & we went back out.
This time the light was to our right, floating high above the neighboring building. We attempted to record it on our phones, but it was not visible over the glare on the cameras from the street lights. We watched & discussed what we were seeing: a rounded, flat disc with a rounded/square top that was only visible sometimes; it was very large and solid. We started to get scared again, but we continued to stand & stare. After a few more minutes passed by, a second light emerged from the bottom of the hat, & dropped about a hundred feet. It hovered there, & then went back and merged with the original light. It was about this time that we were startled by approximately three unexplained flashes of white light that illuminated everything all around us. A few minutes after that, the colorful light in the sky blinked out, & the object was gone. Almost in the same moment, we heard a strange machine-like noise that sounded unlike anything we’d ever heard. It was very loud, & we ran inside the building & didn’t even want to talk about what we had just witnessed for quite awhile. It gave me the worst migraine I’ve ever had, which lasted for about twelve hours.

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