UFO Sighting in Waiʻanae, Hawaii on July 10th 2016 – Spherical object that was unable to see with naked eye, I could only see with my polerized fishing glasses

My wife and I were hanging out at the beach when I noticed a fast spherical object going east at a high rate of speed them decelerating to an almost stationary speed. When I pointed out to my wife, she stated ” why are you talking about, I don’t see a damn thing” I took off my expensive polarized fishing sun glasses and I could no longer see the object until I put my glasses back on. I then have my glasses to my wife who was very skeptical at first, as soon as she put my glasses on she saw the object too. The object was changing its speeds from fast to slow, to almost hovering before it started to ascend well above plane altitude. There was a plane in the far distance way further out then the sphere object and you could visible see the difference between the plane and Sphere objects shape. The object ascended well above any plane and stopped on a dime and hovered for a couple seconds before it just vanished. The day itself was a very warm day with no cloud coverage around and about five minutes after the object dispersed a jet going high speeds Went slashing by the area the object had been. I’m not completely sure how far the object was out over the ocean, so size is very hard to determine, but I would guess it would have to be over 20 feet in size to visible from that distance. I hope others report this, but I do know that the object was not visible with the naked eye nor another type of high end sun glasses like my wife was wearing.

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