Black Triangle Sighting in München, Bayern on July 10th 2016 – Bright slivery object which at first looked like it had some sharp angles.

It was a sunday evening and I was in the garden cooking on the grill when I looked up into the sky and saw a silvery object with some sharp angles. I was wearing my contact lenses, it was a bright sunny evening and as we live near to an airport I knew it was not a plane.

My 11 year old daughter was with me so I called her to take a look. I asker what she thought it was and she was puzzled. She said that’s not a plane. The object moved slowly and silently, again we are use to planes coming into Munich to land and can be heard this close.

I went inside but could not find out Digital SLR so I grabbed my iPhone 5 and ran up to our balcony. I knew it was heading West to East which was bringing it behind the trees. I snapped a few photos and a bad video before it dissappeared behind the trees.

When I can back down I went onto the street to see if I could locate it again but could not. At this point it was heading diagonially away from our house. This is about the 5 UFO I have seen in the last few years. It’s the first one I was able to get a picture of though they are not very good.

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