UFO Sighting in Abilene, Texas on March 3rd 2015 – Weird orange fuzzy ball of light that moved at least 2000mph, zig zagged,slithered,stopped,reversed

I was sitting on the back covered patio smoking, but Indian style near the south edge, looking west. The east side of the patio is the house, so I can see s, w, and n. and where I was on the porch could see almost directly above me but not quite.

As I took a puff I glanced over to my left(south) for some reason and a very bright fuzzy orange light sailed almost instantly from between s and se to between s and sw while also going slightly n, from about 25degrees above the horizon and 2 miles away. It then INSTANTLY changed direction to go back to the e between s and se while moving further north still and higher on the horizon. Once this happened, it again INSTANTLY changed direction, going back to between s and sw, while also moving north toward me thus gaining degrees in the horizon again. THEN, it got creepy! So it was now about 40-45 degrees in the s sw sky, and did another instant direction change, heading ne again, but this time it noticed me watching it! It didn’t make it my s se. Right after the instant change to head ne it only made it to due s, instantly changing to head n, directly at me. But it didn’t go in a straight line like before. It did several S patterns, like the way a snake slithers, I would say 3, until it came ALMOST directly over my head, at about 85degrees, and instantly STOPPED, as did my heart! It hovered for roughly 1.5 seconds over a house just 4 houses s, where 3 children between the ages of about 3-8 were playing. The boy and girl yelled at the same, one saying “what is that!” and the other “you see that!” while the young’un started crying. It then REVERSED IN THE SAME S PATTERN of slithering and I jumped up and took a few steps n to open the sliding door to get my mom to come out to see it, and when I walked back to the spot I was sitting in, it was gone! The father of the children came out a split second after I got back to my spot and the kids were telling him about “that light” and he made them come in. I estimate the altitude of this object at 1000 feet at its closest point to me, when it hovered for a moment.

I badly wish I had stayed to watch how and where it “vanished”, but the whole thing happened so fast, the way it noticed and approached the kids and/or me, and them screaming, freaked me out too! I wanted another adult witness, one that was in the Air Force to see it. It was doing its thing then noticed us and let us know it sees us, and that we’re dumb hairless apes and that if it can do all that imagine how supreme they are over us. A few months later we had a massive flood, the most rainfall in a day ever. 6 months after the fuzzball I got a freak lung abscess that never happens in a 23 year old, and my nails STARTED falling off my fingers but they still haven’t fallen off, they’re just loose. And the big brother of those kids, who was like 19-21, was just murdered 2 months ago. I’m not saying the orange ball of light caused this, too much time between happenings, but maybe was an omen, idk…And this thing moved! It went from 2 miles to my se to 1.5 miles sw to 1m se to .5m sw to on top of me in 4 seconds. I’m adding a VERY ROUGH picture I made in paint to show the basic movement, I’m not an artist and don’t know how to show point of view and all that so the degrees in the painting are off.. Also a google earth 3d picture and a map.

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