UFO Sighting in West Burlington, Iowa on July 12th 2016 – Glowing light in distance then just gone

While filling this out I can’t help but wonder if maybe it was a shooting star that was on a direct path at me. I was in the mall parking lot in West Burlington chatting with a friend. I looked toward the west in the sky (towards Target) and I noticed a light that was faint and got larger, as though it may have been a plane turning. It got larger and more obvious and I didn’t think much of it. I looked away for only a moment and then looked back and it was gone. I scanned the sky while continue to chat with my friend, but was unable to see anything in the sky where the light may have went. My initial feeling was “that’s odd” as I wasn’t able to locate the light or a plane anywhere (the sky was clear and it was a well lit sunset at the time). I didn’t think anything of it, but I kept thinking about it after i got home. I felt like reporting it just because it seemed odd and nothing i had noticed before. It may have been nothing, but i’ve been wrong before (not relevant to this, but i once walked right passed Jon Bon Jovi while living in Chicago and didn’t realize it until was about 30 feet passed him).

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