UFO Sighting in Coldwater, Mississippi on July 14th 2016 – 2 red lights one large pulsating seemingly at center of craft, small red light at rear non blinking both very bright.

My fiance and I were walking 2 dogs and looking up at stars when from the SE an unknown craft with 2 red lights; one larger pulsating red light and one smaller non-pulsating light were visible. Distinguishing features were not visible but seemed to view it from its side although it may have been cylindrical or the side of a Belgian triangle shaped craft. No sound or trail was present or emitted. Duration lasted approximately 2 minutes or less before silently disappearing from view due to the tree line heading NW. Was moving too fast for a plane, did not have the light nor apparent body configuration of a plane, helicopter, or size and shape of a drone. Initial reaction was of curiosity turning into determination to look online for similar videos or pictures.

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