UFO Sighting in Sheridan, Wyoming on July 7th 2016 – Star Like Light Hovering.

On the night of July seventh 2016 9;30PM. I was driving down East ridge road or landfill road when I noticed a mile east of me was a bright light the size of a large star. Bigger than venus is in the night sky. This was as I made the first hill past our landfill heading south . It was dark and I stopped to see if it was a star because I thought it was not a star. It the UFO sat stationary about five hundred feet off the ground. The ground being a hill with two radio towers on it. The UFO sat in the air between the towers. It I think seen my headlights pointed in its direction and turned its light off after two minutes. I seen no ship because of the darkness. No blinking lights were present on the craft.

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