UFO Sighting in Ukiah, California on July 13th 2016 – one bright object. across from a red big weird flair red.

i noticed a very bright light in the sky . it would get really bright then it would fade a little thrn again. i said to myself , “that is no star”.I decided to take out my phone snap some pictures possibly a video. Before my phone i could only see the glowing one . i did not move rapidly. it moved in its own little bubble. it was not flat it looked like if the ship was side ways . hard to explain. before i started recording i took three pictures but didn’t check them out right after taking them. i started t record. i zoomed all the way in . i noticed that to the left of the bright object was a weird shape red kind of flare did not move much . at first i tho it was my thumb or something or maybe something stuck to my lense so i cleaned it . the red object was still there . the glowing obect would move in a weird way glow brighter than other times. i recoreded for 18 seconds . 12 seconds through the video my phone froze, but it was still recording for the rest 6 seconds. on its own my phone went back to my homescreen . usually you would get a report statinh camera has stopped working but i got nothing. i tried recording twice again and it would only record for 2 seconds and it would take me out of camera app to my homescreen and it did not let me record. i went back to view the three pictures but there were no pictures in my gallery nor the 2 second videos. the light slowly started going doen and disappeared behind the hills.

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