UFO Sighting in Argyle, Texas on July 15th 2016 – Saw one orbe then another when I reaized 4 more were in the lead of the 2 I saw up close.

Walked out front door to get something from my car looking up and saw what I first thought was a plan on fire but soon I realized it was not a plane but an orb.then another went by.then realized 3 or 4 had already gone by before them. They were completely silent. They were moving horizontally from my right to left to fast to be a balloon. I started getting goose bumps and I teared up. I looked to the left to see if another one was coming. but did not see anymore so when i looked back to my left I realized that I had just caught the last 2 out of 5 or 6. They were not in a perfect line but they were staggered. they were all the same fire orange. When I realized that there was a group of them I ran into the house and went up stairs to tell my husband so he could look out the window.I was shaking and tearing but it was to late they had all gone by behind the trees by the. I then when into my 19 year old daughters room to tell her what happened she wanted me to call the police.

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