UFO Sighting in Anderson, California on July 16th 2016 – Emerald orb pulsating in same spot for several minutes.

I was outside and facing east at a bus stop, when I noticed an emerald mixed with blueish object sparkling high in the sky over Mount Lassen, and pulsating in the same spot for several minutes. I observed it moving very slowly toward the north, and it would periodically stop, going in and out of visibility and changing directions. It appeared to have a dark color at it’s core, but was brilliant and pulsating an emerald light. I then noticed a black object that looked like a flying saucer(seriously!) move from the spot of the object and raced toward the west, right over me, so I assumed it had left. So I looked back at the same spot and observed the object was still there in it’s emerald form. So it would appear there were two objects involved. That object then turned the lights off, and raced toward the west in the direction of the other object. I could not believe my eyes, and everything I am sharing here is 100% true. The whole experience lasted about twenty minutes. When the black objects moved west, they moved faster than any normal aircraft. They were black / dark, and were high-up, so it was difficult to see them clearly, but I would assume they were either a saucer shape, boomerang, or triangular. It’s possible the object changed shape, but this is speculation. During the event, I asked the object to come closer, and it did move a little in my direction. I feel like this object was conscious of me. This is the third sighting in less than two weeks. Something is going on here in Shasta County. I didn’t have my camera (of course), but ran home, cancelled my local bus trip, and told my neighbor about it. I was so emotionally moved I almost wept. The object did not seem like it was of this earth. I know what planes, helicopters, jets, and drones are. This object was in a whole other class.

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