UFO Sighting in Loveland, Ohio on July 16th 2016 – red missile/bullet shaped object with a propeller/turbine on backend. Traveled SW to SE. It would spin, go up, down, loop. Had fire moving through it.

7/16/16 9:18pm, it was still light out. My husband and I were on our deck enjoying the evening and it was very peaceful. We both remarked about that. It was a perfectly clear sky with no wind. At first I said to him, look here comes a plane, I had just saw it through the the trees, it was on a typical plane flight path from CVG airport. But as it cleared the trees we saw that it wasn’t a jetliner. We saw a red missile / bullet shaped object flying at about the same altitude as a airliner coming from the airport. It also had what looked like a propeller on backend. There was no sound at all. Traveled SW to SE at about 45* up from the horizon. At first it was flying like it might have been a weird plane or a helicopter. But then it would slow down and my husband said maybe it’s a drone because it would just hover for a second or two. Then we watched as it would spin, go up, down, loop. Periodically it would have fire moving through it. Going from front to back over and over again. The fire would stop and then it would do more acrobatics and it would have the fire in it again. We watched it for about 8 minutes, first with our naked eyes then I got the binoculars and watched it until we could not see it anymore, because it went so high into the sky. There were no other planes in the sky before, during or after, until about 20 minutes later I saw a plane far in the distance.
We have no idea what it could have been. My husband said we should report it to MUFON. We weren’t scared, it was just so weird.

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