UFO Sighting in Minot, North Dakota on July 17th 2016 – Looked like a ladder with one step as big as the moon passed by moon then blended in with the sky.

My friend and I were getting on the highway and we both looked at the moon. (It was still light out in North Dakota) I saw these two lines on the moon, at that first split second I thought it looked like a very gigantic satellite. My friend said, “Megan, do you see this?” I couldn’t even speak. I just stared at it. I wanted to pick up the phone to call my husband who was driving in front of us but I didn’t have time. I only blinked once because it was moving. I watched it move across the moon in about 3 seconds. It was longer than the moon. It looked like a ladder with one step. My friend saw it after it passed by the moon, she said it looked like a ladder and watched it go below. Then it was gone. I felt sick because I knew that it was something out of this world. There is nothing that big here on earth. I mean it was HUGE! I felt like it was mirrored because it blended in with the sky. I lost it after it passed by the moon only because it looked like the sky. I could not see the surface but as it passed by the moon it looked like black lines. Then it was blending in with the clouds so my only guess would be that it had to be mirrored in order to look invisible. After this happened we were trying to understand what it could be. There is nothing that big. It was so far away. It looked like someone painted the moon. I want to know what this was! I feel like there is so much I don’t know now. So much out there could be but we only see what we see. That 3 seconds was a glimpse of what is possible. Without a doubt I know what I saw and what I saw was not of this world.

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